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About Leslie

Hey there!

I’m Leslie, I’ve been a full-time traveler since 2015, before that I raised two kids and cared for my eldrly mother full time for two years.  And I’m a proud grandma of three; but no worries, I won’t whip out a rolodex of photos. 

At least, not until we really get to know one another!  😉  

Before that I worked in many different industries and in my spare time I taught scuba and lead group dive trips to the Caribbean and other oceans for 30 plus years.

I’m about four years behind getting this site up, but this is where I will share useful travel tips, videos, photos, and crazy fun adventure stories from my travels.

This is a place for inspiration & motivation. I encourage you to live your life full of adventure or doing whatever it is that makes you truly happy.

I want you to know how wonderful and inexpensive traveling the world full-time can be.  You will be shocked as you learn more.  This isn’t something where you’ll read a few pages and get it all, so please stick around, visit often, and you’ll have a huge AH HA moments; maybe lots!

I realize traveling full-time is not desired by everone, but even if you only want to go somewhere new and exciting a few times a year, I can show you how you can go further, stay longer, and go more often, for far less than you’ve traveled in the past!

It’s always been my philoposphy to spend money on memories rather than things.  Well, to be totally honest, I didn’t always think or live this way.  But I still enjoyed doing, going, being active & having incredible experiences more than buying suff.

When you have less to manage, you’re far more free and happy!  Since I started traveling, I feel 20 years younger! 

When you open your mind to new possibilities, let go of  stress and the seriousness of everyday worries and simply start doing more of the things you enjoy; watch out!  Your life will be brand new again.

Life can be simple and easy again, if we jut allow it.

With this new mindset, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!

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I look forward to hearing your story, your hopes, dreams, and ideas of a better life!

God bless!