About Us

Hey there! I’m Leslie O’Neill.

I’ve been a full-time adventure traveler since 2015, before that I spent my spare time leading group trips to the Caribbean on scuba dving excursions!

Welcome to my new site, where I share fun stories, useful travel tips, videos, photos, and crazy adventure stories from my travels.

This is a place for inspiration & motivation. I encourage you to live your life full of adventure.

I want to show you how wonderful and inexpensive traveling the world full time can be.

I realize not everyone wants to travel full time. Even if you only go somewhere new and exciting a few times a year, I can show you how you can go further, stay longer, and more often for far less than you’ve been traveling in the past!

It’s always been my philoposphy to spend money on memories over things. When you have less to manage, you’re much more free and happy, like you were in your younger years.

When you open your mind to new possibilities, let go of  stress and seriousness, and simply do the things you enjoy.

Life can be simple and easy again, if we jut allow it to be. With this new mindset, you’ll feel twenty years younger.

If I’d only known how wonderful this was, I would have started years ago!

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Otherwise, for specific questions, you can contact me through snail mail here.