Gifts & Products

During all my journeys, I’ve learned new travel tricks for dressing, packing, electronics, and gadgets to make life easier. In the past it was difficult to locate these products. Once I find them I will fill the site with these cool items. It will be especially nice for travel club members to have one place to find them with easy and convenient access.


A private community of like minds. It’s nice surround yourself with others who think like you do. Receiving instant access to travel resources is is great to get the inside scoop from trusted friends and acquaintances. Having this info at your fingertips makes traveling more safe, fun and comforting. Besides, you may meet a new travel buddy.

Travel Training Webinar

You can practically travel for free. There are many ways to cut travel costs. Many tips, tricks and secrets that even travel agents and airport personnel don’t know these. I’ll complete this section later. Basically, I’ll be having a webinar soon, to teach all this amazing info. You’ll want to get on the mailing list to receive an invite for this. 🙂